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Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) is a programme introduced and incorporated into the Pharmacy activities to enhance the efficiency & capability of the staff. The department has set up a working committee headed by a Pharmacist and under the advice of the Chief Pharmacist. This Committee is fully responsible for the planning and implementation of educational activities.



  1. Continuous acquisition of related knowledge through active participation in educational activities such as lectures, seminars & video shows on the latest pharmaceutical products which contribute to better performance of daily duties & to achieve the vision of the Pharmacy service.

  2. To develop staff who are well equipped with related knowledge, confidence, motivation and spirit of co-operation to achieving the vision of pharmacy services.


  1. A weekly talk, lecture or seminar on the latest developement of pharmacutical products, treatments and other relevent aspects.

  2. Pharmaceutical companies are invited to give talk and show videos on their products.

  3. Lectures/ talk on management of quality in pharmacy services.