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In-Patient Pharmacy Service




The in-patient pharmacy  supplies drugs to patients in the wards and specialised units / clinics in Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The in-patient Pharmacy has its own store which is easily accessible and spacious enough to hold adequate stocks of drugs . This unit is divided into two sections namely Ward Supply Pharmacy and Satellite Pharmacy. These two sections use two different supply systems known as 'traditional' system  (as practised in the Ward Supply Pharmacy) and 'unit of use' system (as practised in the Satellite Pharmacy). In Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the Ward Supply Pharmacy section supplies intravenous solutions and disinfectants directly to all the wards and clinics. This section also supplying medicine to the wards / units  based on the requests in the indent books. 


The Satellite Pharmacy is a special unit located near the wards and practises 'unit of use' supply system. Under this system, the supply of medicines is based on the needs of the individual patient which is requested using patient drug profiles. Medicines for each patient are kept in individual drawers and transported to the wards by means of a medication trolley. Medicine is supplied for individual patient for a fixed period of time. The supply of medicines will be faster and more efficient. Any query on prescription or any information about the medication will be easily conveyed to the ward staff by the Pharmacy staff.