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Future plans

The Pharmacy Department of Queen Elizabeth Hospital has many future plans. Some of these are as follows: 

1.    The Redevelopment of Queen Elizabeth Hospital

        The Pharmacy Department will be relocated in the block C2 under the master plans and will be ready by  the year 2005.

2.    To achieve MS ISO 9000

        In line with aspiration of the hospital, the Pharmacy Department is planning to achieve MS ISO 9001:2000.
        By the year 2003 staff are being sent for training on how to convert MS ISO 9001:1994.

3.    Computerisation of the Pharmacy Department

        This is another plan to computerise the Pharmacy Department so as to be in the era of Information Technology (IT).

4.    Clinical Pharmacy Services.

        This will be carried out in depth if we  have enough Pharmacists to get to the jobs.

5.    Outpatient Pharmacy

        The introduction of two new counter services - Caring Counter and Express Counter.

6,    Caring Counter

        This cunter will enable old citizens above 65 years of age, pregnant women, infants below 12 months of 
        age and handicapped citizens to experience a faster supply of their medication on submission of their
        prescriptions to the Outpatient Pharmacy Counter.

7.    Express Counter

        This counter will only entertain prescriptions containing only ONE item, to be dispensed to the patients.



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