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Pharmacy Department,   Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.


The Pharmacy Department is one of the support service departments of Queen Elizabeth Hospital which was started in 1957.It has a history of more than 43 years old.

The Pharmacy Department is divided into five main services according to the organization chart as follows :

1.1  Administration and training

1.2. Outpatient Pharmacy Service

1.3  Inpatient Pharmacy Service

1.4. Clinical Pharmacy Service

1.5. Store And Supplies


2    Administration and training

    The Chief Pharmacist is responsible for the smooth running of the whole Pharmacy department including the management of staff, future planning including short term, intermediate and long terms plans, budgeting   and expenditure for the department, implementation of the Client's Charter & ensuring that the Drugs and Poisons Information Center including the Pharmacy Continuing Education runs properly.

    2.1    Staff

      The Pharmacy department is headed by a Chief Pharmacist (U48), assisted by 3 Pharmacists (U41) / 7 vacancies, 2 Chief Pharmacy Assistants (U36), 4 Senior Pharmacy Assistants (U32) and 28 Pharmacy Assistants (U29).  There are 1 Assistant Administration Officer,  2 Storekeepers, 3 Junior Storekeeper Assistants, 2 Senior Hospital Attendants , 8 Hospital Attendants, 3 General Workers and 1 clerk .
      Please see the Organisation Chart

    2.2    The Pharmacy Department is a training centre for :-

      2.2.1    Pharmacy Graduate Trainee (House Pharmacist)
      2.2.2    Student Pharmacy Assistant.

      At present, there are 5 House Pharmacists who are doing their 12 month's pupilage as required under the Pharmacist registration Act 1951, 5 Student Pharmacy Assistants doing their first year practical training .

3.     Out Patient Pharmacy

        The Outpatient Pharmacy is divided into three sections :

        3.1  Counter Dispensing Service

        3.2  Production and Pre-Packing Service

        3.3  Patients Counseling Service.

This section is headed by a Pharmacist, assisted by 1 Chief Pharmacy Assistant, 2 Senior Pharmacy Assistants, 18 Pharmacy Assistants and 3 Hospital Attendants.

4.    Inpatient Pharmacy

       The Inpatient Pharmacy  is divided into 2 sections:-
               4.1.  Traditional supply
               4.2.  Unit of use supply

5.    Clinical Pharmacy

    The Clinical Pharmacy service is divided into four sections and a Pharmacist heads each section.

    5.1    Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

    5.2    Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)

    5.3    Cytotoxic Drug Reconstitution (CDR)

    5.4    Drug and Poisons Information Center (DIC)

            The Drug and Poisons Information Center  is divided into two units :-

      5.4.1.       The Drug and Information Service (DIC) which provide the
                      The Drug and Poisons Online to all hospitals in Sabah only.
      5.4.2        Pharmacy Continuing Education (CPE)
6.    Store and Supplies

    This section caters for the purchase & supply of drugs and non-drugs for the use of the hospital.

7.    Other Activities

7.1    There are other activities being carried such as Quality Assurance Programmes,
          motivating programmes such as best employee of the year and those employee involved
          in the projects and the best will be rewarded. 7.2    The Pharmacy department must ensure to achieve the Specification Output Indicators as agreed upon.

8.     A Pharmacy Club in the department plans & carries out social activities for the staffs.

9.    Conclusion

        The Pharmacy department welcomes any suggestions from the public.

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