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The Administration and Training Section

I     Administration
1.    The manpower consists of the following :
       1.1.1.     1 Chief Pharmacist
       1.1.2.     1 Chief Pharmacy Assistant
       1.1.3.     1 Clerk
       1.1.4.     1 Hospital  Attendant
2.    Official correspondences have to go through this office.

3.    This section is responsible for the allocation and expenditure of the pharmacy department.

4.    Meetings with the relevant staff are scheduled annually and carried out accordingly .

II     Training

  1. The Pharmacy Dept. HQE, is a training centre for Pharmacist trainees and Pharmacy Assistant trainees. There are seven training posts for the Pharmacist trainees and a maximum of 20 posts for the Pharmacy Assistant trainees.

  2. The training of Pharmacist trainee is according to the guideline set by the State Management Committee.

  3. Likewise, the Pharmacy Assistant trainees are trained according to the guideline set by the Pharmacy Division, Ministry of Health.

  4. A certificate presentation ceremony is held every year for both Pharmacist trainees and Pharmacy Assistant trainees after they have completed one year of training in this hospital.