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Pharmacy Department ‘s Client Charter


The Pharmacy Department will provide within limitations ‘ Total Pharmaceutical Care’ to all patients as follows:

A.    Activity : Hospital Pharmacy

Client: Patient

        A1.     Every patient will be provided with the right quality medication which is properly labeled.

        A2.     Every patient will be provided with clear and sufficient information about the medications supplied.

        A3.     Every patient will get their medications within an average waiting time of  30 minutes

        A4.     Counseling on the drugs supplied will be provided to certain categories of patients.


B.    Activity: Procurement & Supply

Client: Indenters and Suppliers

        B1.     Every indent will be supplied with quality products.

        B2.     Every invoice for payment will be checked & send to the accounts dept  within 15 days from the date 
                   the document is received or the date the supply is completed.


C.     Activity: Production (Non-sterile / pre-packing)

Client : Indenters

        C1.     Every issued pharmaceutical product produced or pre-packed is effective and safe to use.

        C2.     Every pharmaceutical product manufactured is planned to meet the indenter’s need.

D.    Client Responsibility

        To enable the charter to be carried out effectively, all clients should 

        D1.     Abide by the rules and regulations of the Pharmacy Dept & QEH.

        D2.     Use all facilities provided responsibly.